Ian Jauslin

Evidence of a liquid phase in interacting Bosons at intermediate densities

Ian Jauslin



In this paper, we present evidence for a liquid-like phase in systems of many interacting Bosons at intermediate densities. The interacting Bose gas has been studied extensively in the low and high density regimes, in which interactions do not play a physically significant role, and the system behaves similarly to the ideal quantum gas. Instead, we will turn our attention to the intermediate density regime, and report evidence that the system enters a strongly correlated phase where its behavior is markedly different from that of the ideal quantum gas. To do so, we use the Simplified approach to the Bose gas, which was introduced by Lieb in 1963 and recently found to provide very accurate predictions for many-Boson systems at all densities. Using this tool, we will compute predictions for the radial distribution function, structure factor, condensate fraction and momentum distribution, and show that they are consistent with liquid-type behavior.



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The graphs in this paper were obtained using simplesolv v0.4.

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