Ian Jauslin

Welcome to Ian Jauslin's website

I am a Postdoc at Princeton University, carrying out a Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowship funded by the National Science Foundation.

My research interests lie in the field of mathematical physics, more specifically in statistical mechanics, both classical and quantum, and in one- and many-body quantum mechanics.

On this website, you might find my papers, along with their source code, as well as the slides and videos of some of my talks and some software I have written over the years.

What's new(ish)?

For those of you who have been here before, and who don't check this website every day, here are some things which may have changed since your last visit.

2019-05-14:New conference talk: [SMM19] at the 121st Statistical Mechanics Meeting in Rutgers University on photoemission.
2019-05-14:New seminar: [MSU19] at Michigan State University on field and photonic electron emission (see [CCJL18]).