Ian Jauslin

Welcome to Ian Jauslin's website

I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics of Rutgers University.

My research interests lie in the field of mathematical physics, more specifically in statistical mechanics, both classical and quantum, and in one- and many-body quantum mechanics.

On this website, you might find my papers, along with their source code, as well as the slides and videos of some of my talks and some software I have written over the years.

What's new(ish)?

2023-03-21:Update lecture notes: I have updated the lecture notes on the hierarchical graphene model: [Ja22b] for the mini-course I taught at L'Aquila: [GSSI23].
2023-03-16:New talk: [SISSA23] at SISSA on the Simplified approach to the Bose gas.
2023-03-13:New mini-course: [GSSI23] on the renormalization group and the hierarchical graphene model, see [Ja22b].
2023-03-09:New talk: [Ru23] on the behavior of Bosonic systems at intermediate density, see [Ja23b].
2023-02-26:New article: [Ja23b] where I investigate the intermediate density regime for repulsive Bose gasses, and discuss evidence for a liquid-type phase.
2023-02-26:Update: simplesolv v0.4: I have updated simplesolv to version 0.4, with many new features, see simplesolv for details.
2023-02-26:New article: [Ja23] where I defined the Simplified approach to the Bose gas for systems without translation invariance, and used it to compute the momentum distribution in the ground state of Bose gases.