Ian Jauslin

Kondo effect in the hierarchical s-d model

Giovanni Gallavotti, Ian Jauslin



The s-d model describes a chain of spin-1/2 electrons interacting magnetically with a two-level impurity. It was introduced to study the Kondo effect, in which the magnetic susceptibility of the impurity remains finite in the 0-temperature limit as long as the interaction of the impurity with the electrons is anti-ferromagnetic. A variant of this model was introduced by Andrei, which he proved was exactly solvable via Bethe Ansatz. A hierarchical version of Andrei's model was studied by Benfatto and the authors. In the present letter, that discussion is extended to a hierarchical version of the $s-d$ model. The resulting analysis is very similar to the hierarchical Andrei model, though the result is slightly simpler.



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